Jayne at 'Victoria Falls'
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Jayne Netley Mayhew

Photograph by Ian Mayhew
Jayne's Studies of Wild Flowers
or Woody Nightshade
with a Cuckoo-spit bug
or Bilberry
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'The Old Boys'
Both now gone and much missed

'The New Boys'
Jayne's Quilts
One thing I can not do is to sit and do nothing!
So working on my quilts is my play time.
I have had in my mind for many years that my
designs could be worked up using fabric rather
than thread. Working with a one inch finished
square, hand quilting and some finishing
touches...............I love the result of all the work.
More traditional quilts with
cross stitch squares.
The Rose quilt is featured
in my book 'Cross Stitch
The Wild Flower Patchwork
is featured in my book 'Four
Seasons in Cross Stitch'.
Set of four slightly differently
finished designs made up
into small baby cot quilts.
The Yellow Rose has those finishing touches that I
The Clematis has a few, I like the freshness of the
finished piece.
Animal collection makes a lovely children's quilt.
Some of the finishing touches that make up
the Yellow Rose quilt are added after the quilt
has been put together and quilted.
My Buzzy Bee and Clematis.
Edges of the petals have
been given a touch of pink
and the buzzy bee has had
some added detail stitching.
A Ladybird button has been
added on one of the bud
Click on this one to see a larger image.
Animal Stitch-A-Long Quilt
A collection of small designs.
One of the projects I have been holding in my
Facebook group.

What fun this is!
Jayne Netley Mayhew was born in 1956 in West Germany and, with her two
brothers and sister, was subsequently brought up in South Devon, England.
Jayne works under the name of Netley for her painting and Netley Mayhew,  
incorporating her married name, for her embroidery.

From the age of twelve to fourteen, she and her oldest brother had lessons with a
local artist, who taught them to paint in oils, giving them a sound base from which to
grow. They had their first, joint exhibition at the ages of fourteen and sixteen, after
which Jayne started to develop her own career.

In 1981, Jayne held her first solo exhibition and from there went on to work on
commissions and for galleries.

In 1990, Jayne illustrated a wildlife book for the author Leslie Jackman, "Observing
the Countryside and Seashore", working again with the same author for a second
title, "The Wild Bird Garden", in 1992.
After the publication of each book, Jayne held highly successful exhibitions of her

In 1994 brought a change in direction, when her embroideries came to the notice of
publishers, David & Charles, resulting in a highly successful partnership and who
remain Jayne's book publishers. At the same time, the American corporation,
Janlynn, DMC Creative World and Coats, started to produce her embroidery in
kit-pack form.

Jayne's style has developed over the years, now, mainly working in water colour,
sometimes using a mixture of water colour and pencil, she creates paintings full of
the detail she loves.
Her dedication to this detail, shows in every painting, as she paints each hair,
feather, petal or leaf. She paints from real life as much as she is able and, if this is not
possible, from photographs which her husband, Ian, takes for her.

She has developed a trademark for herself, by including a ladybird in every one of
her paintings. Always well hidden, they have to be searched for to be spotted!.
Jayne lives near Widecombe-in-the-moor on Dartmoor, with her husband Ian and her

Jayne's whole family are creative in some form, and all have developed in totally
different styles of artwork.
From an early age we were encouraged to draw, often to be found sat together
painting with our father 'Pops' in our midst. Nick went on to be a graphic designer,
Lucy, a  artist, Edward to wire sculpture, mother her appliqué after she gave up her
Woolshops and Tearooms and Pop's a Stonemason, whose talent is truly amazing
with his computer art.
'Work in progress'
I thought I might add a bit about my work in progress.

One thing I can not do is sit and do nothing, I always have something on
the go, whether it is a painting or something I'm stitching.
They might be 'on going' for months, even years which has been known.
As time allows I move from one to another, could be a quilt, freehand
embroidery, felting or painting.
There is always something in my head trying to get out.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at my latest projects.
My latest painting which has been 'on going' for a few months, still debating on a title for it!
Just for a change I decided to work on some small miniatures. I painted these as a gift for
my husband. As you can see we have rather large dogs!
Worked in acrylic on canvas, great fun to do!
On the stitching side, I have been working on
some 'sewing sets'.

Where these will end up is yet to be decided
upon, so it's definitely 'watch this space' for
these sets.
Needle felting, so many pieces in the pipe line
with my ever growing mini zoo.
From free standing birds and pincushions,
animals, slippers and the larger pieces of
Work in
One of Pop's clay sculpture
Free hand embroidery

Worked on felt and linen.
So many plans for more of this type of
work ticking away in my head!
Lions moved along a bit, but still not finished in
this picture!
Finished piece!