Needle Felting
I have an amazing amount of fun creating all sorts of different things with wool, felt and needle.
From wall-hanging, darling baby slippers and a range of small animals and birds.
My little zoo is growing and my only limitation is the time to do all the needle felting I wish to do and I have endless ideas for more
So it is watch this space, there
will be more to come!
JNM Machine felted Tiger
Garden Bird Pin-cushion

A collection of bird pin-cushions,
the pins act as the legs for
Mouse Heaven

They are breeding here rather well!
Made with a wire skeleton.
Tiger Wall Hanging

This piece is machine
felted and measure roughly
about a metre square.
My plan is to make more
like these but adding more
dimension to them, what
fun to come!
Copyright (c) Jayne Netley
Mayhew 2015
Copyright (c) Jayne Netley
Mayhew 2015

Irresistible little animals.
Body has a wire skeleton.
Plump Fruity Mice

Collection of plump
mice, crab apple,
strawberry and cherry,
loganberry, raspberry,
pinky, lilac and acorn.
Dressed up and
ready for the summer
Plump Mouse and Plump Mouse babies
'Painting with Wool'
Just a delight to do, a challenge, a joy, and gets the old artist's juices flowing!
Doing...... doing......
nearly there......
Done..... Hurrah!
The Lion, known affectionately to us
'Bad Hair Day'
Here you will see a ... small ... collection of some of my needle felting work ...
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I work very hard to be original with my
needle felting.
So for those who see my work .......
Recreate to learn and not for financial
Please and thank you.........
'Learn to Needle Felt with Jayne'

Classes can be booked by phone, vouchers available by contacting Jayne.
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